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4 juillet 2011 1 04 /07 /juillet /2011 22:53

Annunakia - LostBookOfEnki13


Vidéo regroupant huit observations d'OVNIS qui ont été filmés dans le ciel de la Russie le 2 et 3 Juin 2011.


Sheilaaliens : This is a compilation of 8 videos out of Russia of the same UFOs, same night/s. EXCITEMENT

(these were the same ones that were in Nebraska on the 2nd! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoCo9XdoqrA )
ONE REQUEST OF YOU FROM KEE - Have your CAMERAS charged, out and ready tonight. You will be looking at the sky tonight anyway, right? If all you have is your cellphone camera then make sure your phone is all charged up before you leave your house. These dudes might be showing up in various places.

Borrow your parent's video camera, or your friends', whoever's! We gotsta catch 'em all.

Bored w/some time online today ??? GOOD
Many ppl caught this on camera in Russia - let's find them and post them all!! Search in Russian for 'UFO' in youtube, google (videos), rutube.ru, vimeo, dailymotion, wherever ppl upload new videos constantly.. Make sure to view the most recent uploads. Use google translate or if you have chrome it will automatically translate the pages for you, meow ! ~~~




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  • ANNUNAKIA : Return of the Gods - Vincent Illuminati Karmelita
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