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3 février 2011 4 03 /02 /février /2011 13:36

Ancient Aliens : The Dogon & The Sirius Mystery - Vincent Illuminati Karmelita




The Dogon, an African tribe, were said to have astronomical knowledge that should have been beyond them, specifically relating to the star Sirius. The Dogon were reported to have carried that information with them down through their long history, which is remarkable in itself - but the claims of ancient contact with aliens who may have been the Dogon's ancestors are what really pushed this story into the limelight.
The Dogon are an ethnic group located mainly in the Bandiagara and Douentza districts of Mali, West Africa. They live mainly along a 125-mile stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara which runs from south-west to north-east, roughly parallel to the river Niger. The Dogon typically live in villages of less than 500 people, which used to be built very close to the cliffs but, with time and the decreasing fertility of the nearby land, they have started to move away. The Dogon are an ancient people - one account describing their origins says that they lived originally in what became Egypt, but migrated away to Libya and then to Mauritania before settling in Mali. It is difficult to be sure of this because the Dogon still have a oral tradition of record-keeping and the story varies from clan to clan and area to area.




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Vincent Illuminati Karmelita 03/02/2011 19:59

Mon petit ange, merci pour ces magnifiques compliments tu es un amour ! J'ai encore beaucoup de travail pour faire partager toutes ces informations, beaucoup de travail. Mais tu es là pour me
soutenir depuis le début et c'est à toi que je dois tout cela. Je t'aime de tout mon coeur mon amour de ma vie, je t'aime jusqu'aux étoiles (L)(L)(L)

Emeline 03/02/2011 19:55

Coucou mon bébinou d'amour !!! Ce blog avance bien !!! :). Tu es vraiment le meilleur mon doudou personne ne peut t'égaler ça c'est certain ! Tu fais du bon travail chéri et n'oublie pas que ta
petite femme est la prés de toi pour te venir en aide si tu en as besoin !! ;). Je t'aime mon Ange et continus comme ça, je te soutiendrais pour l'éternité. Je t'aime plus que tout l'univers mon
homme en OR de ma vie (L)(L)(L)


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